The training will give delegates the opportunity to look at developing strategies for dealing with staff development, retention, well-being and the day to day stresses of working in the pressurised environment of a school.
07 December 2017 | Read More..
I am delighted to report that Pickwick Learning has successfully facilitated another Olevi licenced Outstanding Teacher Programme, this time in Salisbury at Greentrees Primary School. The OTP was attended by 12 experienced teachers from across South Wiltshire who took part in facilitated teaching and learning, post-session challenges and coaching sessions over a 10 week period. Teachers engaged brilliantly in the programme, reflecting on what makes an outstanding lesson and how to teach exceptionally well sustainably whilst retaining a good life-work balance (notice ‘life’ is first!) Teachers learnt about the power of DRICE for... Click to read more...
National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL)- This programme is aimed at early years, primary and secondary colleagues who are, or are aspiring to become, a senior leader with responsibility for leading across the school, such a phase leader, head of department, deputy head, or assistant head teacher.
National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership (NPQML) - This programme is aimed at early years, primary and secondary colleagues who are, or are aspiring to become, a middle leader with responsibility for leading a team such as subject leader, curriculum development lead or Key Stage leader.
Malmesbury C of E Primary School are seeking an outstanding teacher to join their Key Stage 2 team.
Welcome back to the new academic year - 2017/18 has started strongly and you may be thinking of the summer holidays as a distant memory now! We are excited to be working with several other teaching schools to run the NPQ middle and senior leaders programmes in the Spring, and have a wide range of other CPD on offer - OTP, NQT, TA training, maths and boys attainment. We have successfully bid for funding to support two schools in challenging circumstances, and will be working with Excalibur TSA to lead a phonics project in 20 schools. Click 'read more' above for the rest of this blog...
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Excellent blog written by Roger Pope, National College for Teaching and Leadership... "Headteachers leading beyond their own school gates" There was a time when to become a headteacher was to reach the top of the tree. With the introduction of local management of schools in 1988, heads were given control over their own budget and staffing, and when I was appointed as a headteacher 10 years later, the local education authority was a long way away in distant county hall. Data was only just being invented, so no one quite knew how good or bad you really were. I was free to run my school pretty much as I read more to see the rest of Roger's excellent article
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Please 'Read More' to see our new Pickwick Learning Teaching School Alliance video produced to help people understand why Pickwick does what it does, the benefits of working with us and what teaching schools do.
We are delighted to inform you that we have recruited two hub leaders who will jointly lead the work in the area, identifying expertise and schools needing support, as well as putting on targeted professional development opportunities.
LLEs work outside their own school, providing support at senior leadership level with the aim of improving standards. Activities could involve coaching and supporting another headteacher, providing peer challenge to ensure impact against school priorities, carrying out a whole school audit or providing focussed support for schools in challenging circumstances. As well as exceptional professional development opportunities for the Headteacher, Pickwick pays schools to release them when brokering LLE work, providing schools with much needed revenue.
Our current round of recruitment for Specialist Leaders of Education is now open and will remain open until 26 May 2017. Specialist Leaders of Education are outstanding middle leaders, or leaders of learning, who are interested in and have the capacity to support colleagues in other schools. SLEs have proved integral in moving forward priorities and activities within Teaching Schools and we are extremely excited about the opportunity to recruit further colleagues into Pickwick’s already established SLE team, who will become invaluable in providing exceptional School to School support across the alliance. We currently have ten SLEs who have been instrumental in supporting schools through coaching, training, mentoring, hosting visits, providing INSETs, showcasing learning and running workshops. Pickwick Learning Teaching School Alliance is looking for Primary and Early Years Phase SLEs.
Last Wednesday Tom Whittingham came to Ivy Lane Primary School to facilitate his second Leadership Development session. the session focused on a recent Guardian Newspaper article, about a school that was focussing development around promotion of speaking and listening. Please click 'read more' for the full details
Last week motivational speaker and author, Malcolm Kilminster, visited Corsham Primary School to talk to all the children and staff about the importance of goal setting, resilience and aiming high. Corsham Primary adults and children have for a long time now understood the importance of setting themselves personal and academic targets and each year set a class Go4It challenge to achieve. Click 'Read more' for more on this...
Last Friday, Tom Whittingham (Head of External Developments at the University of Worcester) facilitated a leadership development session for emerging, middle and senior leaders across Pickwick's alliance. The theme was based on the work of Howard Gardner and his 'Five Minds for the Future' book and the question 'What is the highest quality learning we aspire to as a school and across our collaboration?' Click 'Read more' for more information and notes from this inspiring session...
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Last Thursday, Pickwick Learning hosted an exceptional RaiseOnline training day for delegates across the alliance. The session was led by Melody Low, from TT Education, and introduced delegates to the new RaiseOnline system guiding them through interpreting their data. Delegates ranged from Class teachers to assessment co-ordinators, Head teachers and CEOs. 100% of attendees rated the session as excellent. Key benefits and impact reported about the session were...
The WHY, HOW and WHAT of Pickwick Learning. Why did we set up Pickwick Learning Teaching School Alliance? We know we’re stronger together. We believe partnership and collaboration is the best way to continually develop and improve teaching and learning for children, teachers and the communities in which we live and work. Our aim is simple: to improve standards and life experiences for all pupils and adults within our alliance by working together and learning from each other. Click 'Read More' for how we will achieve our aims and what we do...
Olevi's senior quality assurance consultant, Eddie Hannifan, visited Corsham Primary School in December to carry out a quality assurance assessment of the Olevi programmes Pickwick Learning facilitate, such as our very well received Outstanding Teacher Programme. Eddie found, in line with our own extensive evaluation process, that "the programmes and ethos are represented with a high level of quality and integrity, and the facilitators role model the professional qualities, aspirations and values that enable the purpose of the programmes to be realised by delegates; valuing growth and improvement."
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Happy Christmas to everyone involved in the Pickwick Learning Teaching School Alliance - it has been a pleasure working with you all this year. Enjoy the Christmas break and a well-earned rest with your families. Best wishes and a happy new year! We are delighted to welcome a new school into the alliance: Bathford CE Primary School - we are very much looking forward to working with you. Click more to find out more about what Pickwick has been up to this year and what we have to offer...
Recruitment for our Targeted Leadership Programme is going well and there are still a few places available. The programme is a targeted support package for schools in challenging circumstances to receive support from experienced system leaders. It provides middle leaders the opportunity to develop their leadership skills in another school context, and emerging leaders to lead on a significant school improvement project at their own school. It is fully funded and supported by the Teaching School Council.
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